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Classic gives you the quality essential package with some upgrades and some additional options. These upgrades and options have been chosen because we as professional homebuilders feel that these particular areas are good places to spend extra money for reasons such as lower maintenance, future money savings, or longevity to name a few. Can you choose not to have a certain upgrade and spend the money elsewhere? Certainly. Everyone has their own priorities. This is not a problem since you will be going through the same selection process with our designers as the custom option to make sure your home is exactly right for you. You'll start with one of our basic floor plans and are welcome to make small changes here and there to make your home suite your lifestyle better. Our in-house drafter can help you with any changes to plans you

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Signature are just that. You will get a basic home package pricing on one of our tried and tested floor plans. The great part about this option is that you still get to go through the entire selection process with our designers that the custom packages do to personalize your home and make it your own. And, yes, quality is an essential at Paramount Builders.

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Don't forget, we do row houses, 4 and 8 plexes, twin homes, and cabins too.