Lighter and Brighter

It’s amazing how much bigger this space looked after we lighted up the walls — it felt like a whole new room! To complete the room, we replaced the old hardwood with clean, modern hard flooring, creating a consistent look throughout the rest of the remodel/addition.

Kitchen Overhaul

We gave this kitchen a complete overhaul, moving the wall 12 feet to completely open the kitchen to the living room. We ensured there would be plenty of storage for this kitchen, building cabinets or draws in every space to give this family all the storage they could need! The new cabinets paired with stunning modern design elements make this kitchen stand out as a focal point in this beautiful home while making it unique to their individual style.

Making a First Impression

They say first impressions make a long-lasting impact — this entryway is sure to have that after brightening the walls and expanding the space! We vaulted the ceilings and added the modern design elements that were used in other areas of the remodel to create a cohesive look across the home.