Our team is the backbone to who we are; their knowledge and experience is what allows us to build high-quality homes & commercial buildings. Take a peek at some of the faces behind Paramount.

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Jarred Roloff

President, Sales, Owner

Scott Stoeckel

General Manager, Estimator, Owner

Bill Fetsch

Axis Concrete Manager

Luke Senger


Don Roloff

Safety Manager

Jennifer Chillemi


Reggi Glueckert

Architectural Designer

Jayden Washburn

Interior Designer

Amanda Wolf


Corey Johnson

Residential Project Manager

Kendall Kautz

Commercial Project Manager

Alex Roeder

Residential Project Manager

Luke Cook

Remodel & Warranty Project Manager

Susan Doerr

Cabinet Designer


Definitely go with Paramount Builders for remodeling.  You won’t be disappointed!


My parents ABSOLUTELY loved all of the staff at Paramount Builders – respectful, hard working, they would answer any question truthfully, giving their best opinion, really put the time into what they were doing.  They are unbelievably happy with how their remodel turn out.  Thank you guys for all that you have done for my parents, we appreciate it!